​Religion is a delicate matter. 
I can almost count the number of times I have been involved in discussions regarding this very topic, with people who had opposing opinions. Most times it kinda left a strained relationship for failure to agree; or a sour taste in the mouth for an opinion you couldn’t fathom. Sometimes the discussion ends with others more dissolutioned when a question/ challenge is poised to you and you have no answer for it.

Or you get a disasfactory biased  answer  which doesn’t convince you but you let it slide either way given even the other fellow ‘opponent’ doesn’t exactly know what the ultimate is, but gives you his preferences.

There have been times I have had questions about matters or situations that didn’t exactly add up, or go inline with the truth I have grown up with, truth of my religion, the truth of society I have grown around, the truth I have been continually seeking.

Reincarnation for instance, there are well researched cases of kids who remember who they were in the previous lives, kids as young as two to three years old and this precise and accurate details match those of people who have lived before. Proof that reincarnation is a high possibility.

So when my religion refutes  reincarnation and thinks it an absurd idea about the concept of God to even come up with as a Christian, there was a disconnect. Something not adding up.

The issue of, which is the true religion and will the people of all the other ‘false’ religions be ‘condemned’ on judgment day for not choosing Christ as the way even if they lived righteously. While, it’s really not their choosing what geographical locations they were born which really did determine their life in terms of how they worshiped. 

Not to mention how disturbed I got while a staunch Christian told me with conviction that our fore fathers who were mainly traditionalist will all be condemned to eternal fire because they did not know Christ, and choose him as the way to the Father. I mean it’s not their fault they parted before the missionaries brought the Word to them.

 So who are we to condemn or convict them to hell already? 

And so, in my quest to find an answer and the deeper universal truth that doesn’t contain biasness and reflects God as the Universal Creator , who loves us Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus etecetra all equally, as his children I found the book ‘Conversations with God’ By Neale Donald Walsch.

Here is an excerpt from chapter 1.

In the spring of 1992—it was around Easter as I recall—an extraordinary phenomenon occurred in my life. God began talking with you. Through me. 

Let me explain. 

I was very unhappy during that perantif personally, professionally, and emotionally, and my life was feeling like a failure on all levels. As I’d been in the habit for years of writing my thoughts down in letters (which I usually never delivered), I picked up my trusty yellow legal pad and began pouring out my feelings. 

This time, rather than another letter to another person I imagined to be victimizing me, I thought I’d go straight to the source; straight to the greatest victimizer of them all. I decided to write a letter to God. 

It was a spiteful, passionate letter, full of confusions, contortions, and condemnations. And a pile of angry questions. Why wasn’t my life working? What would it take to get it to work?

Why could I not find happiness in relationships? Was the experience of adequate money going to elude me forever? Finally —and most emphatically—What had I done to deserve a life of such continuing struggle? 

To my surprise, as I scribbled out the last of my bitter, unanswerable questions and prepared to toss my pen aside, my hand remained poised over the paper, as if held there by some invisible force. Abruptly, the pen began moving on its own. I had no idea what I was about to write, but an idea seemed to be coming, so I decided to flow with it. Out came… 

Do you really want an answer to all these questions, or are you just venting? 

I blinked…and then my mind came up with a reply. I wrote that down, too. 

Both. I’m venting, sure, but if these questions have answers, I’d sure as hell like to hear


You are “sure as hell”…about a lot of things. But wouldn’t it be nice to be “sure as


This is how the book begins, and the conversation goes on with Neale asking God the same questions you and I have continually asked. 

What’s our purpose on earth? Is there a true religion and if there is which one? What happens after death? Is there heaven and hell? What makes relationships work? Why is there so much suffering in the world? The story of creation…

Does God speak only to special people or to all of us? The concept of time, Is reincarnation real? Is there life on other planets? Divine Dichotomy and the question of the soul, Is sex evil or bad? Marriage? Concept of the devil, Is smoking weed bad? (Haha I know). Awareness.(and a whole myriad of topics He addresses)

It’s a trilogy full of the most interesting conversation in human history (my view), enlightening answers and mind blowing view of life and God. Difficult concepts that could take sometime to internalise, as it gives you unexpected truths from the one a lot of us probably hold. While it acknowledges other truths(Jesus for example,)

I get how skeptical you’re probably feeling. I had  the same when a friend told me about this book until I sat down and read it.

The question would be, how sure are we it’s God. A question the writer continually asks God, what if it’s his own imagination? To which God answers, Even if it’s not Him, can you imagine a better way to live? And either it’s Him or this  writer is a very bright guy! Yes God has a sense of humour, didn’t He create it in the first place?

In my view, I cannot imagine a human mind with such a magnificent broad concept of life and especially God,(broad is an understatement) as presented in the answers of this book which you wouldn’t agree with until you read to get what I’m saying.

It’s free online for all human kind to access,  to get enlightened and walk in full awareness.

You can also read how Neale life turned completely around after this revelation. His quest to bring people to experience God worldwide despite the religion they belong to, to foster peace, unity and healing in a world full of frustrated and self condemned beings who constantly feel unworthy while in true sense they are not.

 In true light, they are the most magnificent of God’s creation.

If they believed this, they would have a complete turn around and experience of life, they wouldn’t fear death they would walk in awareness.

If truth is what you constantly seek, I’d recommend this book, hold it against your truth and what you’ve always believed in then choose, which is the better way to live.

My puzzles fell into place. You’ll feel it in your heart, a spiritual awakening you’ve probably haven’t experienced yet or haven’t fully experienced by the time book 3 is done.




Broken chords croak,

Broken petals wither then fade,

Broken hearts bleed.

So does a broken man,

Who never loves the same,

A broken woman,

Who never trusts the same.

A broken soul, that rarely hopes again.

@Lilian 2018.


Now today I wanna sound a little, okay waay vulgar, hoping though none of my relatives reads this piece…lol! We all know how judgy some of them can get. 

 It’s real talk. 

So everytime I hold talks or conversations with my female friends regarding a number of things, the topic bad sex somehow always pops up.

 Yeah, I see how you raised that eye brow hee…oh and sorry for the chaste ones, if you feel like this discussion will lead you to eternal condemnation you might as well leave it at here…It’s allowed.

Now statistics show, haha not scientific but from the majority of talks, most of our guys out there don’t give it to us right. Or skip a few vital things in the process.

Yeah, the ones who have no clue about how to do you are far more than the few good ones.

The unfortunate thing however, is that they actually think they are perfect and they give it to us like experts but oh boy(insert that emoji for frustrated, palm on forehead.) 

I know this topic has been talked about over and over and numerous articles have come up, but this happens to be my version. So I will give you pointers on some of the tips and issues that come up with this discussion.

  1. Guys who don’t walk the talk.        Ladies, you’ve probably come across that guy who talks too much about how good he is, the size of his D, and how he will give it to you until you call his name all night, blah blah blah..then you imagine how anxious you are thinking you can’t wait to experience the magicstick, then the times comes…wooi! He does not do shit. Rams you so shaddily all this time you are thinking WTF is he doing.                                         So tafathali wanaume, actions speaks louder. Don’t praise your game when you can’t do shit. Prove it to her let her be the one to do decide how good you are the praising will follow. Tumeelewana?
  2. FOREPLAY, FOREPLAY,FOREPLAY.                   Now, do I even need to explain the meaning of foreplay. Always take time to prepare your woman. Especially if you intent to make love to her and not Ef her. You know there is a difference right? Foreplay is setting the mood right. It goes from maintaing that eyecontact, to giving pointers like holding her hand squeezing it intimately, sexy talk…etcetera Unless of course she prefers to go right into it. Please again don’t prolong it sana..Stamina huisha. Moving on.
  3. Never sholve your fingers just anyhow.                                            Oh dear, there is nothing as bad and irritating like fingers shoving your P like some cat scratching the ground so as to take a piss.    It takes skill. I mean we are delicate for crying out loud. There is nothing mindblowing when you shove your fingers in there, applying excess pressure on all the wrong spots, it hurts. Again, women are not the same. What worked on Jackie won’t always work on Mercy. Some women don’t even like finger efing. So take your time to learn your woman. Be gentle and slow, if she allowed you, you have all the time. What’s the rush? Now if you seriously think you need lessons which I think you do, take your time and click the link below on fingering basics. Learn a thing or two will you? 
  4.   Shut up and make love or fuck      whatever you want to call it.    It happens to be so irritating, when you are right in the process, but the guy just can’t shut up. No, I’m not talking about groaning or moaning. I am talking about the irritating behavior blackmail like. Eg “come on say you love me baby, you love me right? (Spanks your ass.) I’m good right? Tell me you’re fucking loving it!  Urgggggh! I mean for crying out loud!! It’s so irritating coz first that voice is far from sexy it’s like you’re giving commands. Second, I’m hating it if anything. This kind of behavior screams an insecure man, it doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to pull that porn move.So just shut up and ram. Okay bruh? 
  5. Aftersex Etiquette.                           So we’ve heard the energy used tapping out is like running a 24km marathon lol! So probably rolling off and snoring would be the most natural thing to do. But heck, haven’t you heard women like guys who are sensitive to their feelings? Or the ones who at least make us feel appreciated later. Kiss her on the forehead,  pay her those nonsensical compliments, like you enjoyed it or how lovely she is. It goes a long way. Then you can drift off to sleep. Unless of course you chipod her, or you’re just ef buddies so there are no expectations. But if this happens to be your woman, never drift off to sleep without the after sex etiquette. Garrit?

I will leave it at those five points for today. You’ve heard them over and over again. How about you seriously consider change. If you’re still caught up in the bad behaviours.    

    ​Sometimes the storms of life sink our sailing ships.

    The fog and mist derail our prevailing journey

    Sometimes the wind is so strong

    We can’t keep grounded, we’re blown.
    The tremors, shake confidence off our core.

    The pressure is too much

    Expectations too high

    Hope sinks even lower.


    Our souls get lost.

    The battle to find self

    The struggle to get up,

    To stand out.

    Urge to prove greatness.

    We break,

    And fall,

    And crawl,

    The cracks form.

    We are far lost

    Trapped in life’s snare…

    We continue to drown

    without a hand to pull us out.
    Heaven seems distant

    Not a soul that gets you either

    Hope, a planet away.

    Such is life sometimes.



    Courtesy of Google.

    I long for dawn,
    For the hugs from rays 

    To warm this cold soul.

    I long for dawn,

    Mellows of humming birds

    A dirge to this beaten soul.

    I long for dawn,

    Whispers by trumpeting trees

    A fresh breath for my own.

    I long for dawn,

    A new day 

    To shed the old.

    I long for dawn,

    The sunset

    Oh! A sight to behold.

    I long for dawn,

    In my lover’s eyes

    The gaze I’ll hold.

    I long for dawn,

    A Second chance

    Value it like gold.

    I long for dawn,


    In all its glory.


    Courtesy of google.

    I long for it.


    Courtesy of Pinterest.

    That night my sleep was taken away

    Replaced by tossing and turning, in tears till day.
    We had been through so much Rhoda and I

    Our love had been through cold, been through the fire
    I thought we would last forever; last for good

    A love on settings of silver, completely made of gold
    Yet so wrong was I, for flesh and blood
    Cannot retain trust and good.
    Her betrayal, lies, heartless deception

    My two eyes saw her adulterous illustration
    She had played me like a game of chess

    And left me completely in a mess.
    Screaming, “check mate!” 

    She has served my heart cold in a plate
    She was my first trust, my first love

    Her sweet hugs and warmth was enough
    To set my soul on fire

    This time, her leaving-me has set my heart on fire
    A fire that burns bitterly such that 

    At night on my bed, it makes ashes of my mind and heart.
    I knew what I saw with my two eyes

    It would be impossible to forgive or forget her lies
    My phone has been off since I saw her kiss that man’s cheeks

    Hence she did not hear from me on her birthday
    I turned it on the next morning to see her voicemails and messages

    She said she missed me, my absence had done its damages
    But I knew it was all lies, I wasn’t her one and only

    She had another, who knows, even many
    At 10:00am I shifted my broken heart from of the bed 

    I must call; I dialled her number off head
    She picked, I was silent

    She spoke softly at first
    Then she excitedly told me about how her birthday went

    The countless calls, she even got an iphone 7 for a present
    I was silent all the while

    I never even cracked a smile
    Till she said, her cousin came all the way from Australia

    To take her out for lunch in his Tundra
    Then and only then did my eyes lit

    My tears dry with immediate effect
    Only then did I realise how silly I had been

    “Merhn! He was the cousin??”
    My flower had not left me hanging and dangling

    She had not been lying and cheating
    She was truthful; the way I had always known her

    She had a beautiful heart; as I’ve always known of her
    I felt so silly 

    Like a dancing bunny 

    Jumping without any restrictions

    I had also jumped to conclusions
    The first words I said to her was..

    “I love you, I am sooo sorry” she came to a pause
    She told me back,” I love you even more”

    This time I was incredibly sure
    My flower of my heart was still on my stalk

    5pm of the same day met us still on phone, still on the love talk

    Colours, flowers and powers.


    Derick Korletey

    Blubird Ministries



    My flower.
    Flowers are colours with powers

    Their sweet scents and green stems

    Can shoot seeds of love at a feminine heart

     Sprouting into a romantic plant.
    Knowing this, I bought her a lovely bunch,

    A whole bouquet of Daisies and Tulips

    In my right hand was chef-fried potato chips

    Something for her stomach and another for the heart.
    November was her birth month

    I longed to give her something that she could munch 

    And another she could touch.

    I wore a tight black suite on a white shirt with blue bowtie

    My left hand upheld the potato fries

    And in my right the colours of flowers
    As I walked I saw an unruly cattle herd approaching.
    They were quite a number I must say

    They crisscrossed me, round and about 

    The calves pushed me around like a Ping-Pong

    After they passed, the flowers were eaten

    The potatoe chips bag rummaged 
    My suite was made brown

    My white was made unsightly
    As I wondered concerning the gross misfortune that had just befallen me

    I saw a “Tundra” exiting my girlfriend’s house

    Looking through its mildly tainted window
    I could see her lean sideways to plant a kiss

    On another young man’s cheeks
    The car drove by speedily 

    Splashing muddy water from the potholed streets 
    To further stain my decimated clothes and shattered heart.
    She, Rhoda, is my flower

    But I guess she’s been plucked by another

    A higher power

    In an expensive Tundra
    I stood there feeling stupid like a sack of potatoes
    Holding the bouquet of daisies half eaten by calves

    And the tulips completely licked away by heifers
    Flowers are indeed colours with magical powers

    But when the flower of your heart is plucked away
    No words can explain the pain…
    Guest post;

    By Derrick Korletey, 

    Bluebird Ministries